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Alexandra Annello

Meet Alex…

But UTEP, known for providing new beginnings and its focus on service to the community, was the perfect match. El Paso immediately became Alex’s now and forever home.


Growing up, books provided Alexsandra an escape. Alex understands firsthand the power of education to change lives, and in her house you’ll find books on shelves, stacked by her bed, stuffed in closets, and everywhere.


For Alex, UTEP was just the first step in building neighborhood and community connections that led to running for El Paso City Council. On council, Alex was a leader for our libraries, parks, and expanding access to health care. She passed ordinances to protect equity, and respect women and she’s been a strong voice against corporate welfare for companies that only supply low-paying jobs. 


Today, Alexsandra Annello is bringing that same community-centered approach to her campaign for State Representative, House District 77. Alex is standing up for our public schools and against vouchers and book bans. She’s speaking out for women’s autonomy and their right to make personal healthcare decisions without government interference. And she’s fighting to support UTEP and El Paso Community College, which play such a critical role in filling the skills gap in health care, manufacturing, and technology, as they train Texas’ future workforce.


Alex and her husband Beto can often be found walking their dog in Memorial Park, that is, when she’s not reading in a nook at her local library.

Alexsandra Annello spent a decade working in the arts and for nonprofits across Texas before the desert welcomed her as she finished her college degree at UTEP. Her earlier start at college at Catholic University came to an abrupt end when her father unexpectedly passed. 

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